Nächste Welle mit Überraschung

15 mm Vietnam / Arab Israeli War / Cold War
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Re: Nächste Welle mit Überraschung

Beitragvon netbuster21 » 4. Okt 2016 08:16

es gibt weitere Gerüchte zu TY:

Just a few tidbits from our chat which may on may not be news: Peter was showing dummy copies of future releases, so I know for a fact a lot of work is already being done on East Germans, and Australians. The French are coming too, but way down the track - Zut Alors! The text for the Australian release made me LOL, and the premise for there being Aussie tankies and infantry in West Germany has been very thoughtfully and convincingly done - unfortunately they had to take some Kiwis along too! All their support is provided by the Brits. The T-55 model for East Germans will be resculpted to take in all the advances since 1956, but will be released in resin. Cost is on a scale from 1-1.5 points! The British Challenger will also be definitely released at some point. The T-64 is planned for release in plastic. 

Ciao neti
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Re: Nächste Welle mit Überraschung

Beitragvon Pizzamann » 4. Okt 2016 08:35

Hochinteressant !
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Re: Nächste Welle mit Überraschung

Beitragvon K_U_G » 4. Okt 2016 12:17

Die Franzosen werden bestimmt lustig, ich hoffe dass die DDR nicht nur auf T55 und T64 beschränkt sein wird. Obwohl man hiervon wohl eine Menge spielen kann :D
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